Wasp & Hornet Control

Wasp & Hornet Control

Stop Wasp & Hornets and 30+ Other Pests For As LOW AS $32 A Month !!

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Stop Wasp & Hornets and 30+ Other Pests For As LOW AS $32 A Month !!

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Quarterly Pest Service Billed Monthly

This service is performed every 90 days but billed every month.

Home dewebbing: this is where we sweep down all spider webs and wasps nests from the very top of the home to the bottom. Once done we spray these areas so they do not return.

Entry point Treatment: all of the entry points from the top of the home all the way to the bottom of the home are treated. This includes eaves, windows, doors, weep holes, cracks, crevices, and anywhere else a pest might enter. This stops bugs like spiders and cockroaches from finding their way inside.

Foundation Treatment: The foundation of the home will be power sprayed to ensure pests like ants, earwigs, cockroaches, centipedes, and other crawling bugs don’t find their way inside through the foundation of the home.

Interior Treatment: The inside of the home is often not needed to be effective but in cases where it is needed. Areas like baseboards, laundry rooms, underneath sinks, and other areas will be treated to remove pests that are already inside the home.

The Dane’s Pest Family

We are a locally owned family business right here in Huntsville Alabama! We take pride in solving pest issues for families in Huntsville and the surrounding areas.

Pest Control does not have to be complicated. We focus on making the entire pest control process as easy as possible for you. We offer effective plans to fit your pest control needs! 

We know customer service is KING! We focus on things like responding immediately to texts and calls, showing up on time for services, making service details easy to understand, and most importantly treating you like family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common questions about our pest control services. Learn more about our methods, safety measures, and what to expect during treatment.

Yes! Everything is safe for pets and kids! We ask to please have dogs put away for 30 minutes after the service is complete.

1-3 days depending on the infestation

Yes! Wasp & Hornet  are one of the most common bugs in the United States. Even with Pest Control Wasp & Hornet are constantly trying to find their way back to your home. This is why we return every 3 months to ensure your home is protected. 

The service is performed quarterly and billed monthly. We require a debit/credit card to be put on file to be charged monthly. 

Cash is accepted but customer must pay for 3 months if they want to pay in cash.

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Wasps and Hornets can be both unsettling and pose potential threats to residents in Huntsville. Encountering a wasp nest or being stung by certain species can result in serious health issues. Huntsville is home to various types of wasps and hornets, each exhibiting distinct behaviors and nesting preferences. These stinging insects can establish their nests in various indoor and outdoor spaces, making it essential to address wasp-related concerns promptly. If you’re facing wasp issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for effective solutions and peace of mind!

Wasp & Hornets Species In Huntsville Alabama

Types of Wasps and Hornets in Huntsville

Yellow Jacket:

Yellow Jackets are the most common species of vespid in Huntsville Alabama, they are easily recognizable by their vibrant yellow and black coloring. These slender insects are extremely aggressive and frequently attack humans and pets. These wasps thrive from late summer to early fall, they are drawn to many different types of foods but seem to favor sugar. Yellow Jacket nests can be found in various locations, ranging from the eaves or attics of homes to burrowed holes in yards. Yellow jacket stings can be extremely painful and can lead to allergic reactions in many people.

Bald-Faced Hornet:

Bald-faced hornets are very similar in appearance to yellow jackets except instead of yellow and black they are white and black and about half an inch long. Bald Faced Hornets are predators of many different insects including wasps, bees, flies, and many others. These hornets can become highly agitated when near their nests, delivering repeated stings. Their nests are easily identified by their grayish paper material. Built above ground, these nests are commonly found in trees, shrubs, under eaves, or on the sides of buildings. Swift extermination is crucial as Bald-Faced Hornets can establish large and aggressive colonies.

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber:

Mud Daubers have a solid black body with yellow stripes and legs. Mud Daubers typically do not sting humans or pets unless forced. They make nests made of mud that are commonly found on the side of brick homes and other areas protected from rainfall. Mud Daubers are common predators of spiders and other insects in which they feed to their young.

Paper Wasp:

One of the most common species in Huntsville the paper wasp is identified by their honeycomb nests that are often found under porches, eves, and almost anywhere that is protected from the weather. Paper Wasps have a painful sting but are less aggressive than other wasp species. Beneficial in controlling certain plant-destroying caterpillars, they play a helpful ecological role.

Red Wasp:

The Red Wasp is about an inch-long, with a bright red body, dark wings, and a potent sting. Found abundantly in Alabama, especially during the summertime, they are more aggressive than other paper wasp species. Their nests, constructed from plant and wood fibers, form a papery, honeycomb-like structure and can be found in trees, under hangs, and bridges.

Preventing Wasps and Hornets

Certain species are drawn to sweet substances like sugary foods and soda. If dining outdoors, ensure thorough cleanup afterward, diligently wiping away any spills. When feeding pets outside, refrain from leaving extra food out. Also make sure trash cans are stored inside the garage or are sealed tight.

Shift woodpiles away from the structure and promptly address decaying leaves, as both may attract wasps and hornets who are looking for food. If you have a flower garden, it’s advisable to plant it at a distance from your home, as flowers serve as a natural food source for insects that attract wasps and hornets.

Examine your home for any gaps in the siding, as these could be attractive to wasps. Seal up any holes, as even small openings can allow wasps and hornets to enter. Weatherstrip cracks and crevices, including those around windows and exterior doors, to further fortify your defenses against these stinging insects.

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